Surface Misalignments In Your Team

Misalignments can hide deep within your organization and result in costly consequences. But before you can address these gaps you need to first uncover them. We have crafted two ways to use Pigeonhole Live to surface misalignments within your team.

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1. A safe space in Q&A

Hidden brilliance

A large Asian company, where 30 people gathered to discuss innovation strategies. The senior leaders led a very cordial discussion, while the junior executives stayed silent. When the senior leadership left, the juniors expressed strong opinions and contributed interesting ideas.

Change the platform

Give your junior team a chance to express divergent opinions. Use Pigeonhole's Q&A tool to encourage everyone to speak up. Select a relevant topic for your team to discuss, and open up the floor for questions.

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Sign up for a free Pigeonhole Live plan, which comes with a Q&A session. Under Agenda, click on the Add Session button, and choose the Q&A format. Once you've set up the session, share the link with your team, and allow them to start submitting questions or suggestions before the scheduled discussion time.

Keep it anonymous

We'd suggest enabling anonymity for this exercise to create a safe space for your team to ask important and insightful questions. Your team can also vote for the questions they care about most, to ensure that the most pressing issues get addressed.

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2. Aligning the North Star

Diverging teams

When your team has different views about where it is going, strategic decisions don't translate into action and results. To align the team, get specific about your North Star ambition, and see where your team is misaligned.

Determine your ambition

To get started, pick a specific question that forms a key part of your North Star ambition. For example:

  • What should be our 2022 revenue target?
  • How big do we think our blockchain idea will be?
  • How much should we invest in new growth?

Get started!

Sign up for a free Pigeonhole Live plan, which comes with a poll. Under Agenda, click on the Add Session button, and choose a poll format that would work best for your question. For example:

  • Cluster popular choices in an adaptive Word Cloud for questions like: "How much should we invest in new growth? Enter a WHOLE number in millions, like 150."
  • View your audience's preferences through a multiple-choice poll. Great for questions like: "What should our 2022 revenue target be?"

Watch misalignments surface in real time

Innosight's recent Harvard Business Review article noted that “many groups succumb to the illusion of unanimity, where silence or weak agreement masks conflict”. This approach surfaces conflict, and research “shows controlled conflict can result in more productive discussion”.

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